How many words are in the bible

In this q&a, we will be answering the question, how many words are there in the greek language for love we will also discuss where they are found and how they are used in the bible. 100 bible verses about power of words proverbs 18:21 esv / 5,277 helpful votes helpful not helpful death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love. All words in the bible with links to the verses in which they occur in the king james version a marvellous source of information for linguists and bible students. The niv’s missing 64,000 words - fact or fiction some seminary students, who are in the process of having their minds corrupted by “the best of modern scholarship”, lightly dismiss the charge that the niv perversion is missing some 64,000 words, saying that this figure is only a riplingerism and not factual. Experience it anywhere choose from more than 1,200 bible versions in over 900 languages on your computer, phone, or tablet -- with many available as audio bibles. How can the answer be improved. Amazing bible facts and statistics - compiled from various sites and sources bible facts: the system of chapters was introduced in ad 1238 by cardinal hugo de s caro, while the verse notations were added in 1551 by robertus stephanus, after the advent of printing a bible in the university of gottingen is written on [.

1 multiply four greek words for “love” adapted from precept ministries international 1 φιλἐω (phileō) a definition: i phileō is a companionable love ii this love speaks of affection, fondness, or liking. The bible (from koine greek τὰ βιβλία, tà biblía, the books) is a collection of sacred texts or scriptures that jews and christians consider to be a product of divine inspiration and a record of the relationship between god and humans many different authors contributed to the bible what is regarded as canonical text differs depending on traditions and groups a number of bible. How many times does love appear in the bible a: quick answer the word love appears 310 times in the king james bible, 348 times in the new american standard. I command you not to worry about how many words are in the bible, but to love your fellow man as men, you can not into meaning of the words my father wrote because. Home » bible questions » bible facts and trivia bible facts and trivia the bible is actually a library of 66 books, written by 44 authors over a period of about. How many words of jesus are recorded in the bible (selfchristianity) submitted 5 years ago by theholyprepuce i have only found two sources, one claiming 1026.

There are 756,775 words in the bible wow seems like a lot, huh i thought so too, but a little googling told me otherwise let’s compare that how many ten-year. Answerscom ® wikianswers ® categories religion & spirituality christianity the bible bible statistics and history how many words in niv bible what would you like. Some people ask, “how many words, or letters are there in the bible” or, “what is the middle verse” the answers totally depend on which translation or. It doesn’t matter how many pages are in the bible, just the words in it if you understand the words, you will be saved and not go to hell.

There are 8,674 different hebrew words in the bible, 5,624 different greek words, and 12,143 different english words in the king james version. Download now or read online hundreds of versions in 900+ different languages - the bible that goes with you anywhere. How many word are there is the king james bible 2 following report abuse jesus wept) this is the king james bible. This is page: 1 of 1 select a page: 1 the king james bible's most common words includes many common english prepositions, pronouns and articles.

How many words are in the bible

I why so many versions breaking up is hard to do, as the song goes ma bell did it--creating a glut of long distance companies almost as numerous as brands of deodorant. 790,930 all totals of all bible words minor edit i've found many different answers, the most common of which is 593,493 from christiananswersnet i don't. Occasionally, people ask how many times words appear in the bible below is a table showing some common words as they appear in four different bible translations the reason for the differences in counts has to do with the variations in which certain words can be translated to another language for.

  • A paper refuting the bible isn't the word of god but that it contains the word of god by matt slick one of the objections raised by critics of biblical inspiration.
  • Answers to many of the bible questions that we have been asked most frequently.
  • New international version sin is not ended by multiplying words, but the prudent hold their tongues new living translation too much talk leads to sin.

They later discovered that about 14,000 of those words were spoken by women in the bible — at least in the english translation of the new revised standard version. The words of mary, the mother of jesus are limited to only four times mary's words reveal her significance the words of mary in the bible dan corner the words of. When there are many words, transgression is unavoidable, but he who restrains his lips is wise. Many books and websites list faulty statistics on the king james bible of course the number of books (66) and chapters (1,189) are fairly easy to count. Too many words most relevant verses job 16:3 is there no limit to windy words or what plagues you that you answer job 11:2 verse concepts worldly wisdom vain. Quick answer the number of words in the bible varies according to the version for example, the king james version has 805,649 words.

how many words are in the bible This is how many words are spoken by women in the bible by antonia blumberg francesco cura via getty images 46k 130 there are 93 women who speak in the bible, 49. how many words are in the bible This is how many words are spoken by women in the bible by antonia blumberg francesco cura via getty images 46k 130 there are 93 women who speak in the bible, 49. how many words are in the bible This is how many words are spoken by women in the bible by antonia blumberg francesco cura via getty images 46k 130 there are 93 women who speak in the bible, 49.
How many words are in the bible
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